What is BLOBbox?

BLOBbox is a digital TV decoder, personal videorecorder with
interactive TV Guide, streaming Internet player, BitTorrent
client and Media Player.

What does it do?

Thanks to the software inside, BLOBbox solves all of
your TV entertainment needs. It offers a wide range
of content absolutely free, much of it in HD, coming from
over-the-air digital TV signals, as well as the Internet.

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There's nothing to watch on TV!

With BLOBbox, you'll never say that again.
It's a world of movies, TV series and much more,
absolutely free, right from your remote control!

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TV Guide!

The BLOBbox TV Guide:
everything you need to know about the shows on air
with the ability to record whatever you like
at the press of a button!

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Digital TV Video Recorder

BLOBbox gives you complete freedom of choice:
schedule recordings easily, directly from the TV Guide,
and enjoy your shows whenever you want.

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Media Player

Watch TV shows, as well as photos and videos stored on
your computer. Transfer recorded TV programming to your PC
and download videos from the Internet using BitTorrent.
With BLOBbox you can do it all!

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BLOBbox is full of functionality.
Have a specific questions? We've got
all the answers!

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Discover the endless possibilities
available to you with BLOBbox!

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What do I need

BLOBbox is compatible with any TV
and with Internet connections of 2 Mega and up.
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Try myBLOBbox now!

Check out the new way to manage your BLOBbox everywhere and discover our TV Guide now available online.

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Are you a developer?

Join our community and share your
experiences with our team.

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BLOBbox: where to buy?

Find a list of authorized resellers.

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